Africa nutrition food for thought.

The enduring effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and other interconnected factors including natural calamities, civil war and disruptions of weather patterns caused by drastic climate change will see new estimates of the cost and affordability of healthy diets escalate too high in the coming years. There is an important link between the food security and nutrition where an increase in one affects the other. Altogether, the report highlights the need for a deeper reflection on how to better address the global food security and nutrition situation. We will have to start from being aware and take stock of our current statistics Global Nutrition Report,

Data from the African Leaders for Nutrition (ALN) is as shown below;

Some suggestions to mitigate the effects of malnutrition in our continent are; efforts of collaboration between all sectors( social, economic and political) to combat the issue hand-on. The Africa regional nutrition strategy Initiative was established to rally high-level political engagement to advance nutrition in Africa. The need for leaders to get involved in fostering influence on there people to adopt sustainable farming and policies to increase nutrition investment. The ALN and AUC have further urged rigorous attempts of improving the continental nutrition situation by calling in of multispectral and interdisciplinary approach that will include water availability, proper sanitation, social protection and universal health coverage, agriculture, education and improved health systems.

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